Sunday, April 1, 2012


How meaningless I have felt in the past few days without writing. I was daubed with sloth and impassiveness and couldn’t do much about it. True Story.Days seem to have suddenly become longer and yet there is little time to do a lot. Money seems to fly away through my ever-shut windows leaving me claustrophobic and wimpy. The ever obtuse and unchallenging masses around me have vexed me to an extent that in my mind I have killed them innumerable times. The long idle hours have brought to fruition the core quality of humans-selfishness to light and the reality of every single living thing- sorrow. These constants are unaffected by all the other variables Life is math. An algebraic problem that very few can solve or to begin with realize that they got to solve.The constant happiness that people seek is in the direction that most of them never look. What we seek and what we run behind are 2 different things.What I seek is a mystery but unlike many others I have begun looking. I am now in Search of that one thing to devastate my pointless current state.Shut in a chamber merely lit by just the ray of hope that the door will open into a world of answers.
And that shall set my soul and mind free to create something to affect an entire generation of thinking and doing.To say more than necessary,to see more than what is shown, to feel more than what exists. 

*tuned into* everybody hurts.- R.E.M