About Me

I am a face. One of the too many. The one like nobody. 
I have two sides to me - A side I know about and a side I am discovering.
The smell of books and the sound of good music make me smile. 
A good book is a book that confuses me. 
A good song is a song that reminds me of someone.
I love classics and expressionism is my favorite movement. 
Different languages interest me and history fascinates me.
"And the story goes like that" is my space. 
It is where I talk. Where my words dance and my thoughts sing. 
It is me reciting my story.
it is me finding my name
I am a writer with a philosophical take on things that will baffle you first and make you nod in agreement after more thought.
I am not here to judge or justify. I just have opinions that I like talking about.
I want to discover and I dare to dream. I see what most people don’t. I am mesmerized by life with all its complexity. 
I am constantly dealing with the images of the chilly past and the anticipation of a starry future.
I believe that I have a reason for existence and writing is my way to get there.
I have no other passion like the passion for learning and I have seen that if you know, love and believe in what you're doing you rarely have a dull moment!
On a lighter note , I am a media trainee at SIMC-UG, in search of my light, living the biggest adventure - a life of my dreams!

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