Friday, December 31, 2010

Walking into Light! ♥

so what does it really take to have a perfect time?

The right place? Right time? Right plan? Lots of people?

Of course not…

you just need to be in a place you dint think you would be in...on a rather cold cold evening… without any plan… with just that one person you really want to be with…and a green balloon…

And everything falls in place.. Just like that…

I dint shop for anything but I am absolutely sure about the things I want in my life for the year to come...

I wasn’t partying or getting drunk but I still feel intoxicated...

I was with the person Id really be with right now...

And I did come back home at exactly 12 (according to my 20 minutes slow clock) and kiss the 3 most important people in my life…

And besides all that there is more than 1 thing that I can still check on my list of things to do to have a nice time…

12 hours into the New Year and I already feel good..!!

So what have I learnt? Well…. Not much… but it’s not about learning all the time I guess...

its like im walking into light..

and I just want this feeling to stay... this spirit to stay... the year to go on…

And for now I’ll just finish my first breakfast of the year and plan the rest of the day…

More on the day later...


*tuned into* fireworks- Katy Perry.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

And the day has just begun!

It’s the last day of the decade and I’m surprisingly up early... im just out of bed and iv made my first decision for the year..

It’s the one decision that seems to make me all little too happy for now... it’s the decision to “BLOG EVERYDAY”...

So I’m here with my morning chay and no plans for the night or for that matter even the day.. Reminiscing the past year which was rather too eventful and fast…And in spite of thinking about those hot and cold days I still feel more relaxed than ever...

I’m just going to let this feeling stay for a while and hear some more good music and have my sandwiches... before I have to here the customary taunts from my mom about my laziness...

More on my day later..!

*tuned into* last christmas- cascada

All what i havn't done, All that i shall never learn!

So i've been away for a while.. its not because i've been doing something better but because i couldn't really stop thinking about i how i am a useless good for nothing pain.

(And even after a lot of thinking I couldn’t do much about it...)

So it’s a night before new years and I’m officially an adult by now and I have realized already that I haven’t done much after getting out of school except for hoping that I could remain in school all my life..

I’ve done horribly academically... iv however got myself into nmims (but hope to drop out...)

Iv messed up relationships... I can’t decide upon that one person I want... I’ve been an absolute commitment phobic... and I think I’d rather be one for a while.

I decided not be an over- excited, over- involved bimbo in college 9months back...
well bimbo no but over involved yes.

Iv still not got myself into the debating scene...(Well except for the straight fact that I’m a tad bit nervous I also don’t really like the talk-to-me-cause-am-so-awesome, high-on-pda and total douche bags who are in charge of it... so I think I’m going to wait a little longer till I can be the dude-get-lost-I’m-in .. *fingers crossed*)

I haven’t still got myself to do anything but get ohh so tired after college...

And I’m still a wanaabee writer..!! :O No progress what-so-ever..!!

A lot of people gave me the cliché – make resolutions *and wait for it* stick by them...

But I mean when are people going to evolve from humans to “humans who learn from their past mistakes”?

well i evolved way back in 1992 so I’m really not going to make any resolutions but i'm just going to trust my super natural power of knowing everything before time that tells me that the year 2011 is going to be ohh-so-awesome...

So I’m going to make some more mistakes... I’m going learn and keep learning because it’s the one thing I love to do... I’m going continue the awesome read all night habit I have...and I think I’ll do just fine..

Also even if i do nothing I’m still going to convince at least some people about the bag full of random theories I have (especially the new years and birthdays don’t exist one...And oh yeah that the world will come to an end in 2012 one too...and also that Hitler was actually a woman...and the one that says umm yeah I’ll tell you that some other time)...

So I quote “there shall be followers following my followers next year at this time”..:D

2011 bring it onn baby..!! :D

*tuned into* fix you - cold play

Friday, December 10, 2010

November Rain!

sometimes i do things i never expected myself to do..

sometimes we all do things we never expect from ourselves..

even if it means just hearing a song by a rock band..

and we should just be amazed by it and leave it that..

don't try to analyze the reason for doing it..

like if i try to analyze why I'm actually hearing this song id land up thinking about something i don't want to..

so I'm just going to be enjoying this song.. :)

p.s if you still haven't heard this song hear it.. and if you have then hear it again..!! ;)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cause New Year's Day is every man's birthday!

5 things you've got to do on new years eve....


buy the most unnecessary things and spend all your money.. you have to start a fresh from the next day.. but you also got to relax the next day.. so shop like its the end of the world.. go to the most expensive places and buy stuff..!!


i mean common its new years night... you have to drink like never before.. if you haven't tried it yet try it..if you're already a social drinker then get sloshed..and if your a heavy regular drinker you wont be reading my blog at this time of the hour cause you'll already be sloshed somewhere.. so yeah you don't need my guidance really..!!


don't sulk around in the same party all night..go to different ones.. gate crash.. go to shadyplaces.. its a myth that its not safe out there on new years.. its the safest night of the year if you're with the right people..


don't for the heck of it and just to be a part of the group spend your new year with some douche bags..!! spend it with people you really care for.. people who really matter..!! and it'll be perfect.. no matter where you are..


its new years night.. and you have to kiss someone.. someone special.. someone you want in your life for the next coming year and if your one of those that i am not then maybe lot more than one year.. but however you think you need to kiss..!! go ahead and just do it.. don't bother.. don'tthink.. just go ahead and kiss that someone special.. and make your night magical..!!

p.s: happy New Year’s..!!

p.p.s: let the countdown begin..!!

p.p.p.s: I absolutely don’t believe in even a tiny bit of the fact about celebrating new year’s being half or worse completely rather stay at home... but i know 80% of the douche bags are going to actually for a change follow all the crap mentioned above..

*tuned into* galway girl -p.s i love you.!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lazinesss is pretty attractive!

2 events to handle today
a magazine issue in less than a month..
a script to write..
2 projects to do..
was to reach college an hour back..
a friend almost here..

and im still just out of bed blogging..!! :O

my level of laziness has no limits really..!!

hypersomnia is the worst disease..

*looks up at the ceiling and sighs*

well thats all for now..!!

*tuned into* all you need is love- the beatles

I Just Want A Pillow!

Hypersomnia is the opposite of insomnia.
People with hypersomnia sleep too much during the day
A person with hypersomnia may sleep up to twelve hours a night, and still need frequent daytime naps.!!

and "I AM" a hypersomniac..!! :O :O

well that explains all the mood swings and fights...!! *sigh*

now trust me when i say this cause i am being extremely honest--------> it sucks..!! :S

being messed up all day is one of the worst feelings ever...
you feel disoriented and tired and not to mention sleepy all the time.. at work.. at home.. while eating.. reading.. working..!! :S

besides people think that you're crazy..obviously no one understands why you're soo sleepy all throughout the day..!! and that too everyday..!! :S

and your nights are not that peaceful either...!! :S

*deep breathe*

so you guys out there... ummmm... all i can say is.. well SLEEPWELL.. and feel special and happy everytime you go to bed..!! its an awesome thing to sleep right.. and feel fresh every time you wake up..

ask a me..!! :(

*tunes into* blowing in the wind- bob dylan.

Love never dies...people do!


P.S I LOVE YOU..!! !! !!

cause love does not need long years of companionship and persevering courtship..unless its not felt in the moments that you've spent with that person it will not be created in years or even generations..!!

Dont worry, Everyone has Baggage!

Each time we fall in love... each time we see, hear, feel or talk...each time we make a mistake... each time we win or lose...each time we live... with each day and each second of our life we add something more to our life.

Everyone has a past that they want to forget...something that they wish dint happen...something that they want to leave behind... but then there’s that one thing that however hard one tries to let go that thing will always remains... and that’s our BAGGAGE!

And you realize how heavy it is when on a random night a stupid friend talks about that thing that you pretend you have forgotten...and everything comes can see everything clearly... all those times you reacted when you were supposed to respond... all those times when petty issues seemed impossible to manage… all those times when you saw something minutely wrong happening and you behaved liked nothing worse could happen.. Well that was your hand that is lifting your baggage yelling... sending your brain signals saying its tired...

You can never get rid of it really... it may become your friend... but it always remains...maybe down the road you will find someone with an equally heavy baggage who will understand that its not that easy to let go after all..And then the rest of the journey will be simpler...maybe when you find that person your baggage will feel lighter...

But till then let down that baggage once in a while... look around... smile... be with people you like... and then take your baggage and move ahead..

Once you know what it is and realize you cannot run away from it... you’l atleast know what gets you soo mad at small things if nothing else. And then maybe things won’t be that difficult anymore..!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keep it Simple , Make it Special!

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

Simple things to do to live your life in a simple way...

à Don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday today

The most important thing about today is that it is today and not tomorrow or yesterday... so live for today... do things you think are good for today. Do what feels right at the moment... forget the wrongs you did yesterday. Don’t think about how what you’re doing now will affect tomorrow... cause if it feels really and truly right now its meant to be.. And everything that is meant to be sooner or later is right..!!

à Make a short list

If you have a few things you want to do in life let them remain few... make a new list every now and then.. Its mandatory to change... make a new list rather than add to the old list... cause what you need today may not be what you want tomorrow... but you will still do it only because its on your list.. Regretting it later... so keep it short and keep it new..!!

à Make time

Everyone has time... a day has 24 hours and not 30 because we don’t need 30… make time... do only those things that you like... why do we need to watch t.v?? Or sleep during the day?? Create that extra time in your 24 hours... if you try you will find that extra hour...

à Do one thing at a time

Though we are in the “multi tasking” era happiness can be found only when life is simple... so don’t complicate one thing at a time... if you want to learn to play the guitar do it now... but dont try to learn violin simultaneously... keep it simple...keep it straight.

à Eat well... sleep well

Eating and sleeping are time consuming and boring but unfortunately very essential... they tend to decide how you behave with people and how you react to what anyone says... and since we live between people we have to live with them..

à Be honest

It’s very essential that your life and every relationship you have is based on truth... honesty is the best policy, and saves a lot of heartache down the road. Of course the road to honesty is to become a person of exceptional integrity, which while difficult, is possible.

à Get rid of things now and then

Clean your wardrobe, your desk, your kitchen. Don’t let things that don’t help pile up...

à smile... smile a lot... and laugh... laugh a lot

Not only is it good for your heart, but also for you and the people near you.

You don’t need to do difficult things like yoga and self introspection to make life simple... just a few simple things hear and there and there and then there make life soo much more better. Live life rather than spending it...

Whenever you hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," go ahead and ask, "Compared to what?"

surround yourself with life's simple pleasures..take time to simplify life..!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Another Evening!

He walks in and I'm busy staring at myself in the mirror.. I do know he's there but i don't bother..i know i'm not one of those who carries her luck along everywhere..he can't be anyone special.. just someone there..

We get on the dance floor and I dance like it’s the end of the world... I know nothing about him... I can’t even sense his presence...

Hours pass by and tonight I don’t seem to get tired... at least not very soon...

Soft music starts and me being the sensitive I- can’t take it now... I come out and sit on one side... I bend down cause my legs hurt and I don’t know who I have just seen...

Ummmm never mind - there I want to get wild tonight... I take my friends along to buy us some drinks... I realize I’m a devil... my heart tells me to look there again...but well the DEVIL...

I come back, drink, dance , eat for another few hours...but still don’t look back...

Well I still don’t know what made me go sit there... the hurting legs... the bad sound track...or that part of my heart that sensed him even before I realized..

But whatever played the trick...I’m gratefull...

I’m definitely high... he moves aside creating place for me... I look up and for the first time see him...

how did i not notice him before?? :O

Well never mind... I’m tired... just want to sit there for a while and ill be on the dance floor in no time...I know..!!

A part of me is hoping he’d talk though... why doesn’t he ask me anything??

Huh? What’s wrong with me? I’m sure he thinks I’m a drunken bitch!! Why would anyone just talk like that...??

Ummm... what if i talk?? well I’m sure I’ll be excused... especially if he really thinks I’m drunk I don’t have much to lose, right?!

“Why aren’t you dancing??”...

Seriously?? :O .. That’s what I just asked??

Yeah great... now he thinks I’m desperate I’m sure...he’s so going to make a face and answer for the heck of it...

But he bends down... I don’t understand it first and then I realize he couldn’t hear me...

I go close and ask him again... he looks up... smiles... and says “I don’t feel like”….

And I do remember this smile I have on my face from sometime... :)

Well Just one time like any other time when I feel in love for the first time….

Friday, November 12, 2010

He Loves you , He loves You Not!

5 sure signs that say it's time to get rid of your boy friend

è First sign: His phone is always busy

That clearly means he has someone else.

Seriously don’t let him hurt you. Go before he asks you to!

è He keeps asking you who you were talking to if you’re phone is busy.

Means either he’s getting over possessive or is just faking it to hide his guilt.

Either way save yourself...RUN…!!

è He says the following things:

· I think you should start exercising

· I think I should concentrate on my studies and not talk on the phone so often.

· He tells you every night at 10 that he wants to sleep.

· He comments on your dressing sense.

· And most importantly and essentially:

He says: "now stop getting on my nerves"...

(That’s personally the most irritating thing you can tell me..!! :S :S

Accept it “he is not interested in you anymore”. He has something better to do. And he thinks you’re a total waste of time. And has seen this better girl who he hopes to date. So expects you to do things the way she does so he can picture you while fantasizing about her and not feel like he’s cheating on you...(if you know what I mean :P).And getting on his nerve?? Seriously?? That’s soo offending... :O

Don’t waste your time… he’s a looser..!!

è He holds your wrist and not your fingers...he kisses on your neck and not your forehead...he takes you out for movies rather than walks...

It’s clear. He doesn’t have lots to say. He’s bored. He’d rather be physical with you than get bored listening to you Talk about your girls.

Seriously?? A guy lusting for you is not such a nice feeling... take it from me..!!

è He’s drunk more than he’s sober

Okay fine he might not be cheating on you, but it still means he loves something else a whole heck of a lot more than he loves you. And it’s only going to lead to trouble down the road. Sure, maybe now he’s only drinking a case of beer a day, but in a year it might be a keg a day. That’s expensive. And it brings trouble. Trouble you don’t need.

Dump. Him. Flat.

Okay now honestly what a girl needs to understand is that though guys pretend to be powerful, authoritative and difficult they are the simplest species on this planet.

All they need is lots of love. . Lots of pampering, care, attention...Their space. A sense of security...and...Less of crap...

Don’t leave them guessing... don’t make them do a lot of work... smile when they say something nice.dont keep reminding them their weaknesses and mistakes.

Keep them happy and they’ll do the same.

They are adorable... love them... and leave them when they want to be left... don’t cry, crib, and create a scene... let go...they will come back if they truly deserve you... if they don’t then someone else will..!! ;)

So if anyone's reading... do this and you'll have the awesome-est. time ever with the awesome-est. guys ever.

My blog is a way I hope to create a difference in the life of people around me...

Follow me and you’ll not regret it...



Friday, November 5, 2010

No Motive For This One!

So what happens when A guy who you’re used to just breaks up with you…a guy who is just plain hot suddenly starts staring at you .. and you fall for the most random guy you bet you would never fall for...???

You go no where and so does you’re “love life”…

it gets messy.. and even ugly in my case..

You cannot have you’re mourning period.. and you feel incomplete post break up..

You cannot stare back because you’re too guilty to..

And you cannot help but fall for the other guy..( however you mess it up cause of the issues with the first two guys)…

and you're not even in the right frame of mind to sort it out..

Moral of the story: guys suck.. :@ :@ :@ :@

p.s : and so do i..!! :O :O :O :O

p.p.s : and so does my life..!! :S :S :S :S

p.p.p.s : I need to run away..!! :S :S :S :S

*goes back to listening to weird depressing music*

*and there - the first tear*

*feels stupid*

*stops music*

*starts reading*

to be continued........

Monday, October 18, 2010


The definition of happiness is different for different people but the definition of unhappiness is more or less the same...

Unhappiness visits me more than often... this time I am unhappy because I am not sure with what I am doing with my life...or if what im doing is what iv always wanted to do..

I want to try different things... I want to do lots of things... I want to study literature... I want to be a chef...i want to travel…i want to find answers... I want to meet people... I want to fall in love…more than once...I don’t want people judging me... or telling me what to do... I want to decide what’s right for me and I want to grow... I want to laugh when I do something wrong and then go and make it right... I don’t need someone telling me how stupid I was...

I want to get drunk every night… cause I know I won’t do it after a while...i want to learn things my way and I want to find that way...I don’t want someone showing me the way because I am sure that’s the wrong way...

I don’t mind not ever finding that one right person if I’ve met a lot of wonderful wrong people on the way...

I don’t want to be a corporate slave... I want to write... read and live by the hills someday...i

I don’t mind a life I share with just myself...if that’s what would make me happy...a friend of mine keeps telling me how I “will” die alone and I don’t mind that only if I have done all I wanted to by the end of this life..!!

Life’s a mess right now... but I know it’l be right... cause I know I have it in me to do better if not greater things and I know I just need time..!!

i know someday i will find a way to live this dream..and i know the day will come sometime soon..cause this dream that i am chasing is mine and mine alone..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Broken Homes!

It’s a typical love story. A guy falls in love with a girl.. he does all those kind of things that makes a girl fall in love in return.. they enjoy their relationship for days..months and years even.. by then it is time to take their relationship ahead.. how bad can it be they think?? And there they are lying down next to each other expecting it to be like any other day before realizing it is the beginning of their life..!! and what follows is misery.. stress… confusion.. the BLAME GAME..!! which the society has conveniently termed as MARRIAGE..!!

What happens when marriages fail?? there are BROKEN HOMES.

What are broken homes???

Broken home is a term used to describe a household, usually in reference to parenting, in which the family unit does not properly function according to accepted societal norms. This household might suffer from Domestic violence, a dissolved marriage, drug abuse, or anything else that interferes with the upbringing of children..

This is the technical meaning of course..!! what a broken home really is is something only those innumerous children who grow up with scars that are going to last a lifetime know..An unstable condition that is going to be a part of their life forever..!

The end to a relationship between two people causes misery to SO many people simultaneously..!! is that correct?

The findings say that children’s family backgrounds is very important

Government research has found Children from broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles.

It is social canker worm that has eaten deep into the flesh of our dear society…

with time this issue just seems to become more and more serious..!! and at times there seems to be no solution.

Children who are a part of broken homes turn out to be extremist.. either they are one’s who never open to people or they become extremely violent and uncontrollable..

There are countless organizations who offer help to such children but will anyone ever understand that a child needs the love of his/her parents rather than some outsiders..

Sometimes we as humans become so selfish that we don’t think about all those people who love us and expect love in return from us.parenting the most beautiful experience in the world its not an easy task but at the same time its very simple.. it just requires lots of love and some understanding on the part of the parent.

But like I said before we humans just tend to become so selfish at times. We turn a blind eye towards those Little things that gives happiness or causes trouble to our child.

The research also states that children from broken sometimes tend to take it ahead in their marriage too.. and then it’s a vicious circle that continues and makes more and more people a part of it..!!

And sadly no one else can suggest a solution to this issue. it has to come from within us. There are lots of reasons why we behave the way we do. But we have no right to make anyone else suffer along with us!!! And every individual must understand this..!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pratik Mahajan- This One Is For You!

Whats the thing I cherish the most in my life you ask? I say freedom and not just freedom, the freedom to be. To me Rabindranath Tagore is the true symbol of being free, having a free will and doing things you want to if you want to. He didn’t like going to schools, he didn’t even attend many but he gave us the most beautiful National Anthem on this planet. An Anthem which defines us, an Anthem which makes us who we are. Its not just a song or a poem, its what we were destined to be. We all here were destined to be Indians and share this beautiful piece of literature among us. Don’t you think?

But then on second thoughts do you think If Rabindranath Tagore would not have been Rabindranath Tagore and there was no Rabindranath Tagore, would Jana Gana Mana still have been our National Anthem? Or would anyone else have come along and written the exact words Tagore wrote 99 years ago? Was Jana Gana Mana destined to our National Anthem? Are things supposed to be the way they are?

Are we destined to be who we are? Does everything happen for a reason? Well, I for one like to think so! If it is meant to be, then it will happen, no matter what you do, how you do it, if its supposed to rain, it will rain! All you have to do is be ready with your umbrella :)

Just a small thought. Period.

by pratik ashok mahajan.

are you kidding me dude?? you're ahhmazing... get out of the engineering muck and do something amazing in life..!! you deserve to be something so different and better..!! you have a vision.. the ability to be different.. and like ian says "i dont know why you're trying so hard to fit in when you're born to stand out"..!! :)

and so here's the way i decided to answer you're question a little differently this time even though its not really connected to you're article- DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING IN YOURSELF.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE..!! :) :*