Thursday, December 30, 2010

All what i havn't done, All that i shall never learn!

So i've been away for a while.. its not because i've been doing something better but because i couldn't really stop thinking about i how i am a useless good for nothing pain.

(And even after a lot of thinking I couldn’t do much about it...)

So it’s a night before new years and I’m officially an adult by now and I have realized already that I haven’t done much after getting out of school except for hoping that I could remain in school all my life..

I’ve done horribly academically... iv however got myself into nmims (but hope to drop out...)

Iv messed up relationships... I can’t decide upon that one person I want... I’ve been an absolute commitment phobic... and I think I’d rather be one for a while.

I decided not be an over- excited, over- involved bimbo in college 9months back...
well bimbo no but over involved yes.

Iv still not got myself into the debating scene...(Well except for the straight fact that I’m a tad bit nervous I also don’t really like the talk-to-me-cause-am-so-awesome, high-on-pda and total douche bags who are in charge of it... so I think I’m going to wait a little longer till I can be the dude-get-lost-I’m-in .. *fingers crossed*)

I haven’t still got myself to do anything but get ohh so tired after college...

And I’m still a wanaabee writer..!! :O No progress what-so-ever..!!

A lot of people gave me the clich̩ Рmake resolutions *and wait for it* stick by them...

But I mean when are people going to evolve from humans to “humans who learn from their past mistakes”?

well i evolved way back in 1992 so I’m really not going to make any resolutions but i'm just going to trust my super natural power of knowing everything before time that tells me that the year 2011 is going to be ohh-so-awesome...

So I’m going to make some more mistakes... I’m going learn and keep learning because it’s the one thing I love to do... I’m going continue the awesome read all night habit I have...and I think I’ll do just fine..

Also even if i do nothing I’m still going to convince at least some people about the bag full of random theories I have (especially the new years and birthdays don’t exist one...And oh yeah that the world will come to an end in 2012 one too...and also that Hitler was actually a woman...and the one that says umm yeah I’ll tell you that some other time)...

So I quote “there shall be followers following my followers next year at this time”..:D

2011 bring it onn baby..!! :D

*tuned into* fix you - cold play

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