Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dont worry, Everyone has Baggage!

Each time we fall in love... each time we see, hear, feel or talk...each time we make a mistake... each time we win or lose...each time we live... with each day and each second of our life we add something more to our life.

Everyone has a past that they want to forget...something that they wish dint happen...something that they want to leave behind... but then there’s that one thing that however hard one tries to let go that thing will always remains... and that’s our BAGGAGE!

And you realize how heavy it is when on a random night a stupid friend talks about that thing that you pretend you have forgotten...and everything comes can see everything clearly... all those times you reacted when you were supposed to respond... all those times when petty issues seemed impossible to manage… all those times when you saw something minutely wrong happening and you behaved liked nothing worse could happen.. Well that was your hand that is lifting your baggage yelling... sending your brain signals saying its tired...

You can never get rid of it really... it may become your friend... but it always remains...maybe down the road you will find someone with an equally heavy baggage who will understand that its not that easy to let go after all..And then the rest of the journey will be simpler...maybe when you find that person your baggage will feel lighter...

But till then let down that baggage once in a while... look around... smile... be with people you like... and then take your baggage and move ahead..

Once you know what it is and realize you cannot run away from it... you’l atleast know what gets you soo mad at small things if nothing else. And then maybe things won’t be that difficult anymore..!!


  1. Hey..

    The way u wrote this is so true & i guess that makes you a really cool person & about the baggage.. try to forgive from your heart & try to forget from your mind. Just Smile back

    Peace out