Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keep it Simple , Make it Special!

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

Simple things to do to live your life in a simple way...

à Don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday today

The most important thing about today is that it is today and not tomorrow or yesterday... so live for today... do things you think are good for today. Do what feels right at the moment... forget the wrongs you did yesterday. Don’t think about how what you’re doing now will affect tomorrow... cause if it feels really and truly right now its meant to be.. And everything that is meant to be sooner or later is right..!!

à Make a short list

If you have a few things you want to do in life let them remain few... make a new list every now and then.. Its mandatory to change... make a new list rather than add to the old list... cause what you need today may not be what you want tomorrow... but you will still do it only because its on your list.. Regretting it later... so keep it short and keep it new..!!

à Make time

Everyone has time... a day has 24 hours and not 30 because we don’t need 30… make time... do only those things that you like... why do we need to watch t.v?? Or sleep during the day?? Create that extra time in your 24 hours... if you try you will find that extra hour...

à Do one thing at a time

Though we are in the “multi tasking” era happiness can be found only when life is simple... so don’t complicate one thing at a time... if you want to learn to play the guitar do it now... but dont try to learn violin simultaneously... keep it simple...keep it straight.

à Eat well... sleep well

Eating and sleeping are time consuming and boring but unfortunately very essential... they tend to decide how you behave with people and how you react to what anyone says... and since we live between people we have to live with them..

à Be honest

It’s very essential that your life and every relationship you have is based on truth... honesty is the best policy, and saves a lot of heartache down the road. Of course the road to honesty is to become a person of exceptional integrity, which while difficult, is possible.

à Get rid of things now and then

Clean your wardrobe, your desk, your kitchen. Don’t let things that don’t help pile up...

à smile... smile a lot... and laugh... laugh a lot

Not only is it good for your heart, but also for you and the people near you.

You don’t need to do difficult things like yoga and self introspection to make life simple... just a few simple things hear and there and there and then there make life soo much more better. Live life rather than spending it...

Whenever you hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," go ahead and ask, "Compared to what?"

surround yourself with life's simple pleasures..take time to simplify life..!!


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