Friday, November 12, 2010

He Loves you , He loves You Not!

5 sure signs that say it's time to get rid of your boy friend

è First sign: His phone is always busy

That clearly means he has someone else.

Seriously don’t let him hurt you. Go before he asks you to!

è He keeps asking you who you were talking to if you’re phone is busy.

Means either he’s getting over possessive or is just faking it to hide his guilt.

Either way save yourself...RUN…!!

è He says the following things:

· I think you should start exercising

· I think I should concentrate on my studies and not talk on the phone so often.

· He tells you every night at 10 that he wants to sleep.

· He comments on your dressing sense.

· And most importantly and essentially:

He says: "now stop getting on my nerves"...

(That’s personally the most irritating thing you can tell me..!! :S :S

Accept it “he is not interested in you anymore”. He has something better to do. And he thinks you’re a total waste of time. And has seen this better girl who he hopes to date. So expects you to do things the way she does so he can picture you while fantasizing about her and not feel like he’s cheating on you...(if you know what I mean :P).And getting on his nerve?? Seriously?? That’s soo offending... :O

Don’t waste your time… he’s a looser..!!

è He holds your wrist and not your fingers...he kisses on your neck and not your forehead...he takes you out for movies rather than walks...

It’s clear. He doesn’t have lots to say. He’s bored. He’d rather be physical with you than get bored listening to you Talk about your girls.

Seriously?? A guy lusting for you is not such a nice feeling... take it from me..!!

è He’s drunk more than he’s sober

Okay fine he might not be cheating on you, but it still means he loves something else a whole heck of a lot more than he loves you. And it’s only going to lead to trouble down the road. Sure, maybe now he’s only drinking a case of beer a day, but in a year it might be a keg a day. That’s expensive. And it brings trouble. Trouble you don’t need.

Dump. Him. Flat.

Okay now honestly what a girl needs to understand is that though guys pretend to be powerful, authoritative and difficult they are the simplest species on this planet.

All they need is lots of love. . Lots of pampering, care, attention...Their space. A sense of security...and...Less of crap...

Don’t leave them guessing... don’t make them do a lot of work... smile when they say something nice.dont keep reminding them their weaknesses and mistakes.

Keep them happy and they’ll do the same.

They are adorable... love them... and leave them when they want to be left... don’t cry, crib, and create a scene... let go...they will come back if they truly deserve you... if they don’t then someone else will..!! ;)

So if anyone's reading... do this and you'll have the awesome-est. time ever with the awesome-est. guys ever.

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  1. Woah! OFFENDED.
    We aren't those specific creatures you know, where you can generalise by sampling method. Though I would agree to almost what you said about how to treat a guy, think about treating anyone in the world the same way... it's not just the guys dear, its whole of humanity.

  2. yeah yeah i love criticism.. :D
    go onn.. im listening..! *looking up with excitement*