Friday, November 5, 2010

No Motive For This One!

So what happens when A guy who you’re used to just breaks up with you…a guy who is just plain hot suddenly starts staring at you .. and you fall for the most random guy you bet you would never fall for...???

You go no where and so does you’re “love life”…

it gets messy.. and even ugly in my case..

You cannot have you’re mourning period.. and you feel incomplete post break up..

You cannot stare back because you’re too guilty to..

And you cannot help but fall for the other guy..( however you mess it up cause of the issues with the first two guys)…

and you're not even in the right frame of mind to sort it out..

Moral of the story: guys suck.. :@ :@ :@ :@

p.s : and so do i..!! :O :O :O :O

p.p.s : and so does my life..!! :S :S :S :S

p.p.p.s : I need to run away..!! :S :S :S :S

*goes back to listening to weird depressing music*

*and there - the first tear*

*feels stupid*

*stops music*

*starts reading*

to be continued........


  1. Umm......what's up? NO motive? Really? and yeah stop ass/u/me ing that guys suck ok?

  2. ohh.. coming from you its funny..cause i remember some eff comm sessions when you(we) *ASSUMED* quite a lot abt aarsh and palash.. :p