Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Future Me!

Summers! I can’t begin to explain how agitated they get me. Since I am sick right now and I cannot do anything that requires me to stand up on my feet, I began watching the How I Met Your Mother series. As I started watching the most boring episode of my favorite season “the window” I realized that it’s not that bad after all. What got me excited? Well the idea of writing a letter to my future self..:D
So here it goes:

Dear *Hopefully More Sensible* Divya,
I have so many questions. Let’s do them one by one.
So first tell me, what are you? Are you an awesome award winning Film maker? Or did you after all become the new Oprah Winfrey? Don’t tell me you settled down for anything less than that. And if you did I hope you’re happy. And we both know what your definition of happy is.

Have you got yourself a house in at least 4 countries on the map? And are you inspite of this still traveling?

Are you a part of at least one really important cause and are you making a difference? Don’t let this one be a no!
Do you have a walk in wardrobe in your house? Do you have a better sense of style than now?

Oh that reminds me, are you thin? Or still lazy?

Are you still scared of being a parent? Or have you already adopted a daughter?

Are you single and busy or single and miserable or dating like an oh-so-awesome Hottie?

Did you grow your hair long and are they finally manageable?

Oh by the way did Pratik become an engineer after all? Did you send him for the Bryan Adam concert you promised him?

Do you and Pratik Mahajan still fight like now? Have you watched more movies than him?

Do you still read like crazy? Atleast crazier than now?

Is Gerard Butler still the hottest man alive?

Finally do you still blog? And are you finally writing sensible stuff? 

Too many questions, eh? But you know me. I am curious! Are you still?

If there is anything I want to tell you , it would be I hope you’ve achieved at least most of what you decided and if you haven’t and you are 60 at the time you read this letter don’t be afraid to get up and go do it. Because I am sure you can. If you are still the sniveling creature that I am now, cowering in the shadows and wracked by bouts of rage and depression, I hope you put an end to your misery.

You’re my only idol so I hope you are awesome!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Beautiful Sunday!

Getting up after a rather perfect sleep. Having breakfast at least at Candies till I don’t start being a regular at Taj. Going for a swim. Spending a lazy afternoon watching a movie and playing keyboard. Catching up with friends in the evening. Having light dinner and going for a long drive along the sea side.

Yes that would mean a perfect Sunday! A perfect awesome Sunday! A perfect awesome fulfilling Sunday!

However in my 19 years of existence I haven’t seen the face of this dreamy Sunday ever. My hopes are alive nevertheless.

Yesterday was the usual unplanned messy day which ended quite well though. Meeting an old friend is always delightful. However the running around from one part of the city to another has left me dull tired to have a fresh Monday.

Oh Beautiful Sunday when will you finally be a part of my life?!

P.s: when is it going to start raining? The heat is driving me Mad.! :(

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Imagine losing the one thing that is most important to you. Getting lost in a crowd. Feeling insignificant. Waiting for something to happen and not being able to make it happen. Feeling defeated and directionless. And standing alone through all this in spite of having people around you who claim to understand you!

hope is your only best friend in such times. I am hoping that hope will make a difference (even though I think I am pretty hopeless at the moment).

P.s: Why does pleasing everyone around become so important that while in process of doing so you lose yourself?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For all who care to read..

Ashwin Iyer this one happened because of you. Since you were so disappointed by my last post I thought about writing one for you. So this post is specially for you and because of you.
Pratik Mahajan you’re the reason that I write with that little extra effort everytime.since you are my biggest critic I hope to get atleast one nice comment from you! I hope to be good enough for you and fail miserably every time. But then you’re the reason I write good enough at least for myself and others. So thank you for being so mean.
Jai katariya because someone like you who never reads actually makes an effort of reading by blog. I love you for that.and for a lot of other things too.
Chintan Thakkar because you religiously follow my blog without a reminder.And you're there whenever i want you to be there. And even otherwise. 
And everyone else who actually reads or follows my blog just be nice to me. Thank you. You all are the reason i write and write better everytime. This post is for you’ll. You are extremely few in number but then you guys are such sweethearts. Thank you for all the honest criticism and the kind praises.
p.s: why a white flower? because i love white flowers. and everything need not have a reason i have realized.

If Pictures could talk , they would be telling my story.

I have been a little confused when making decisions lately. I have mixed feelings about almost everything around me. I am unable to see the grey in things which generally is quite my thing really.i have such extreme feelings at one time that it almost makes me nervous. But I am living it. And I am letting each day pass with as much ease as I can manage at the moment. i am battling with myself. Which is quite a task. But atleast there is scope for introspection.

I was going through random things on the net and came across these pictures. I am posting them here, because they are such apt descriptions about what I feel.






In love