Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Beautiful Sunday!

Getting up after a rather perfect sleep. Having breakfast at least at Candies till I don’t start being a regular at Taj. Going for a swim. Spending a lazy afternoon watching a movie and playing keyboard. Catching up with friends in the evening. Having light dinner and going for a long drive along the sea side.

Yes that would mean a perfect Sunday! A perfect awesome Sunday! A perfect awesome fulfilling Sunday!

However in my 19 years of existence I haven’t seen the face of this dreamy Sunday ever. My hopes are alive nevertheless.

Yesterday was the usual unplanned messy day which ended quite well though. Meeting an old friend is always delightful. However the running around from one part of the city to another has left me dull tired to have a fresh Monday.

Oh Beautiful Sunday when will you finally be a part of my life?!

P.s: when is it going to start raining? The heat is driving me Mad.! :(

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