Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For all who care to read..

Ashwin Iyer this one happened because of you. Since you were so disappointed by my last post I thought about writing one for you. So this post is specially for you and because of you.
Pratik Mahajan you’re the reason that I write with that little extra effort everytime.since you are my biggest critic I hope to get atleast one nice comment from you! I hope to be good enough for you and fail miserably every time. But then you’re the reason I write good enough at least for myself and others. So thank you for being so mean.
Jai katariya because someone like you who never reads actually makes an effort of reading by blog. I love you for that.and for a lot of other things too.
Chintan Thakkar because you religiously follow my blog without a reminder.And you're there whenever i want you to be there. And even otherwise. 
And everyone else who actually reads or follows my blog just be nice to me. Thank you. You all are the reason i write and write better everytime. This post is for you’ll. You are extremely few in number but then you guys are such sweethearts. Thank you for all the honest criticism and the kind praises.
p.s: why a white flower? because i love white flowers. and everything need not have a reason i have realized.