Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hasta Luego!

I leave for Pune day after and it’s been so long that the excitement has finally settled down and now there is so much desperation to be there that its boring me a little too much.

This maybe my last post from 7 , Sion Mansion and for a long time I may be off my blog considering that I get my Mac only 2 weeks after going there and with the given conditions of my Acer I prefer leaving it home.

So hasta luego Blogosphere!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A song that Reminds me of someone!

Its just very rare that a song can remind me of someone. But this song does.
Its such a nice song. I am not one of those cuddly and lovey dovey romantics. But I can be a little over romantic if I am in the mood. I think I just am in one of those moods currently. So yeah here it goes!

P.s Its a song a lot of people can relate to but its funny that i can finally relate to a song like this now after all these years!

Friday, June 24, 2011


For quite sometime in my life and in my understanding "Castle" to me meant the place where Cinderella went that night and left behind her Glass Slipper.

After a few years it meant Hogwarts , Harry's Home where he belonged.

And now it means the Amazingly hot , perfectly humorous and unbelievably clever Richard Castle.

Its strange how my favorite three stories have this one thing in common.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Adventures of the Tiny (Awesome) Lady!

As I got up today morning to a new and lazy day I realized, due to the whole pre Pune preparations I have been bookless for more than a week now. And I need to get a new book to read. But since I had done no reading in quite some time now I decided to grab the newspaper. Though reading is my thing I don’t seem to get my hand on the newspaper very often.I prefer reading the E newspaper of just surfing for any random thing and learn than witness the poor journalism scenario of our country the first thing every morning.

However since I had absolutely no option I started reading the newspaper. And for the first time in days I read something that got me really excited. So I am sharing it here. I really hope a lot of people read this because I doubt a lot of people have since it’s an article from the Mid Day and who on earth still reads it as oppose to HT and TOI or worse DNA?

Anyway the point is do go and check the link and see how awesome some people are and how some of us know how exactly to live our life in the best way possible.

Now that’s some inspiration, isn't it?

I wish I am doing something that awesome in sometime. And hopefully sometime soon.

p.s: the picture is from her blog where she writes about her travels and its some read really.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

I totally don’t believe that I need a day in the entire year to make my mother, father, brother or myself feel special. This is why I don’t even believe in celebrating birthdays with all the enthusiasm that others do. I don’t think that you need a particular day in the year to celebrate anything when it can be done everyday.

I just love to think that each day is special. however since my brother did get a card for my dad this year and we treated him to his favorite food and I for a change decided to argue somewhat less with him on this particular day it was a Father's day for Him(and me)!

So Happy daddy's day Papa!

To a year of existence!

My blog grew a year old this Friday. Since I couldn’t come online and blog because I am busy with all the shopping and confusion, I just treated myself to a chocolate ice cream.

So good posts or not. Regular posts or not. Writing is something I love since forever. I love it and it’s very close to my heart ever since I started writing my personal dairy at the age of 6. Though the habit of writing a personal dairy regularly did not really last for more than 3 months it left the passion for writing within me for life. And my blog just helps me love the feeling I get when I write more.

So to my blog and its successful existence on the blogosphere and to the beautiful experience of writing, Cheers!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A song that makes me want to smile!

So now I don’t really have any particular song that is my favorite or that I want to play on the day of my marriage (which is very likely to not happen at all). I do have songs that remind me of someone but I don’t have a favorite band really, I love so many of them. I don’t have a song that reminds me of me somewhere. Or maybe I do but I am really not going to crack my brains to find the right song for the right need. However I do have this one song I hear when I am happy. A song that makes me believe I am happy. A song I have never shared. A song that I am finally sharing.

P.s: On a more serious thought maybe I am just going to make my own 30 day challenge (or less, depending till when this phase lasts in my life) and post songs on my blog!

First love! True love!

You ask me what my first love is and the answer comes more naturally to me than my name. Rains. Yes rains are my first love. Ever since I was a child the first rains meant happiness to me.

A lot has changed around me and within me. My thought process and feelings have gone through tons of stages and changes. But the feeling I get when I smell the earth after the first rain, well that remains the same! I still feel like love fills me up when I hear the rain, smell the rain, feel the rain. Oh Yes rains make me go crazy!

Standing by the sea side dripping wet and life was never better!

Monsoons I wait for you every year with the same enthusiasm I did the year before (if not more)

I am so glad you are here. You brink so much hope, love and peace along.

How I have missed you, how I love you and how I wish you stayed with me forever.

Welcome back darling.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is written!

Last year when the SET results came out and I didn’t clear even to go to the Second round, I was more than hurt. I was Heart Broken. This was the dumbest I had felt in life.

Almost a year after this as I Sat next to my mum and brother on the back seat of the car I couldn’t help but be nervous. All I could think about was the next day. Have I carried absolutely everything? Am I prepared? Other than replying to Pratik’s texts I was doing nothing significant. Panic has always been my issue. I am too pessimistic even for my own taste. So there is always an aura of negativity which results in the panic.

The moment I crossed the milestone that said 31 Km Pune the funny feeling in the stomach just aggravated. However the climate just settled the whole thing down. Ohh I can’t explain how awesome it felt to be away from the Hot, Extremely Hot climate in Mumbai.

Getting into a perfect room which I was going to be sharing with my brother who I had a deal with that clearly stated I was not supposed to be questioned , disturbed or even spoken to in the entire course of night , all my nerves , panic and tension was flushed down the shower! It was time to get perfect sleep.

And the instant I hit the bed I was lead into a series of dreams. A dream about how I never woke up on time. A dream where the interviewers yelled at me saying “we don’t take drop outs.” A dream where I was not the Divya More they were looking for. So on and so forth. Just kept getting worse. However, when I woke up the next day I felt perfect, fresh and like I had the best sleep of my life!

The Interview happened. The Group Discussion happened and I was back in Bombay feeling just numb. I was blank and clueless. I did not have an answer to the question “how was it” that people kept asking me for the next one week. Because I did not know. It was too good to be true and I am too pessimistic even for my own taste (oh, haven’t I already said that before?)

12 days after this when I saw my name on the merit list my happiness and excitement knew no limit. It was something I had hoped for, for the last two years and I finally smelt Victory.

So why I did not get in last year is a hell of a mystery for me. Maybe it is because then I would have never dropped out and realized my real passion.

Or maybe because then I would have never gone to NMIMS and met and been friends with the sweetest people I am friends with right now.

I would never have Nandini to make me feel good all the time, never have Rohan who would get up at 4 in the morning for me, leave me home at odd times of the night and just be the ass that he is, I wouldn’t have Harsh who would let me cry and yap for hours without interrupting and mainly I wouldn’t have Jai to be there, hold my hand, tell me to stay calm and more than that fight with me. I would never have any of them to love me (and I love which goes without saying)

Or maybe because if I did go I would have never got so close to Pratik and have the friend I have now!

So thank you Life for turning out this way. I only believe in Maktub more than ever now!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Annnnddd.....Dropped out!

Why I have been away from the blogosphere for so long? Well it’s because I was busy dreaming, giving my interview, being nervous and praying to no one in particular.

Now though I have been whining on my blog about how I hate BBA I haven’t mentioned my “decision” of dropping out. Ummm yes... I have finally and definitely dropped out..!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee……. (Excitement knows no boundary.)

Also not only have I dropped out but I have been selected at Symbiosis, for media studies in the first list and have stood 12th on the merit list. Now that’s a start I say. (Yes I am going to boast about it for years to come)

So I am going. Starting a whole new life. With whole new set of ideas, goals and people. I am excited, nervous, happy and I am looking forward to something “Baap”.

So here’s to SIMC, lots of Movies, good reads and a lot of a lot to come in the next 3 years.

Cheeeersss… (Literally as I sit consuming my last from my Budweiser pint which tastes yuck really. *frowns*)