Monday, June 20, 2011

The Adventures of the Tiny (Awesome) Lady!

As I got up today morning to a new and lazy day I realized, due to the whole pre Pune preparations I have been bookless for more than a week now. And I need to get a new book to read. But since I had done no reading in quite some time now I decided to grab the newspaper. Though reading is my thing I don’t seem to get my hand on the newspaper very often.I prefer reading the E newspaper of just surfing for any random thing and learn than witness the poor journalism scenario of our country the first thing every morning.

However since I had absolutely no option I started reading the newspaper. And for the first time in days I read something that got me really excited. So I am sharing it here. I really hope a lot of people read this because I doubt a lot of people have since it’s an article from the Mid Day and who on earth still reads it as oppose to HT and TOI or worse DNA?

Anyway the point is do go and check the link and see how awesome some people are and how some of us know how exactly to live our life in the best way possible.

Now that’s some inspiration, isn't it?

I wish I am doing something that awesome in sometime. And hopefully sometime soon.

p.s: the picture is from her blog where she writes about her travels and its some read really.


  1. Thank you !! Im humbled and touched with the amount of love and Fan-Mail ive been getting over the last few days :) But its great to know that im surrounded by like minded people :] You will have your travel escapades , in the right time....just know when to define that time !!!

  2. I am honored to know Miss Kinny personally and to be honest you could not accrue enough information to profile her in several volumes of journalistic print. There is so much to her personality that words can't describe. She is a perfect balance between vulnerable and strength, between light and dark and it is in that equilibrium that lies her talent. I am glad you find interest in this little package of excellence and only hope you one day have the privilege of actually meeting her.

    Donawyn Fernandes