Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is written!

Last year when the SET results came out and I didn’t clear even to go to the Second round, I was more than hurt. I was Heart Broken. This was the dumbest I had felt in life.

Almost a year after this as I Sat next to my mum and brother on the back seat of the car I couldn’t help but be nervous. All I could think about was the next day. Have I carried absolutely everything? Am I prepared? Other than replying to Pratik’s texts I was doing nothing significant. Panic has always been my issue. I am too pessimistic even for my own taste. So there is always an aura of negativity which results in the panic.

The moment I crossed the milestone that said 31 Km Pune the funny feeling in the stomach just aggravated. However the climate just settled the whole thing down. Ohh I can’t explain how awesome it felt to be away from the Hot, Extremely Hot climate in Mumbai.

Getting into a perfect room which I was going to be sharing with my brother who I had a deal with that clearly stated I was not supposed to be questioned , disturbed or even spoken to in the entire course of night , all my nerves , panic and tension was flushed down the shower! It was time to get perfect sleep.

And the instant I hit the bed I was lead into a series of dreams. A dream about how I never woke up on time. A dream where the interviewers yelled at me saying “we don’t take drop outs.” A dream where I was not the Divya More they were looking for. So on and so forth. Just kept getting worse. However, when I woke up the next day I felt perfect, fresh and like I had the best sleep of my life!

The Interview happened. The Group Discussion happened and I was back in Bombay feeling just numb. I was blank and clueless. I did not have an answer to the question “how was it” that people kept asking me for the next one week. Because I did not know. It was too good to be true and I am too pessimistic even for my own taste (oh, haven’t I already said that before?)

12 days after this when I saw my name on the merit list my happiness and excitement knew no limit. It was something I had hoped for, for the last two years and I finally smelt Victory.

So why I did not get in last year is a hell of a mystery for me. Maybe it is because then I would have never dropped out and realized my real passion.

Or maybe because then I would have never gone to NMIMS and met and been friends with the sweetest people I am friends with right now.

I would never have Nandini to make me feel good all the time, never have Rohan who would get up at 4 in the morning for me, leave me home at odd times of the night and just be the ass that he is, I wouldn’t have Harsh who would let me cry and yap for hours without interrupting and mainly I wouldn’t have Jai to be there, hold my hand, tell me to stay calm and more than that fight with me. I would never have any of them to love me (and I love which goes without saying)

Or maybe because if I did go I would have never got so close to Pratik and have the friend I have now!

So thank you Life for turning out this way. I only believe in Maktub more than ever now!

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