Saturday, June 11, 2011

Annnnddd.....Dropped out!

Why I have been away from the blogosphere for so long? Well it’s because I was busy dreaming, giving my interview, being nervous and praying to no one in particular.

Now though I have been whining on my blog about how I hate BBA I haven’t mentioned my “decision” of dropping out. Ummm yes... I have finally and definitely dropped out..!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee……. (Excitement knows no boundary.)

Also not only have I dropped out but I have been selected at Symbiosis, for media studies in the first list and have stood 12th on the merit list. Now that’s a start I say. (Yes I am going to boast about it for years to come)

So I am going. Starting a whole new life. With whole new set of ideas, goals and people. I am excited, nervous, happy and I am looking forward to something “Baap”.

So here’s to SIMC, lots of Movies, good reads and a lot of a lot to come in the next 3 years.

Cheeeersss… (Literally as I sit consuming my last from my Budweiser pint which tastes yuck really. *frowns*)

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