Thursday, December 30, 2010

And the day has just begun!

It’s the last day of the decade and I’m surprisingly up early... im just out of bed and iv made my first decision for the year..

It’s the one decision that seems to make me all little too happy for now... it’s the decision to “BLOG EVERYDAY”...

So I’m here with my morning chay and no plans for the night or for that matter even the day.. Reminiscing the past year which was rather too eventful and fast…And in spite of thinking about those hot and cold days I still feel more relaxed than ever...

I’m just going to let this feeling stay for a while and hear some more good music and have my sandwiches... before I have to here the customary taunts from my mom about my laziness...

More on my day later..!

*tuned into* last christmas- cascada

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