Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Just Want A Pillow!

Hypersomnia is the opposite of insomnia.
People with hypersomnia sleep too much during the day
A person with hypersomnia may sleep up to twelve hours a night, and still need frequent daytime naps.!!

and "I AM" a hypersomniac..!! :O :O

well that explains all the mood swings and fights...!! *sigh*

now trust me when i say this cause i am being extremely honest--------> it sucks..!! :S

being messed up all day is one of the worst feelings ever...
you feel disoriented and tired and not to mention sleepy all the time.. at work.. at home.. while eating.. reading.. working..!! :S

besides people think that you're crazy..obviously no one understands why you're soo sleepy all throughout the day..!! and that too everyday..!! :S

and your nights are not that peaceful either...!! :S

*deep breathe*

so you guys out there... ummmm... all i can say is.. well SLEEPWELL.. and feel special and happy everytime you go to bed..!! its an awesome thing to sleep right.. and feel fresh every time you wake up..

ask a me..!! :(

*tunes into* blowing in the wind- bob dylan.