Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cause New Year's Day is every man's birthday!

5 things you've got to do on new years eve....


buy the most unnecessary things and spend all your money.. you have to start a fresh from the next day.. but you also got to relax the next day.. so shop like its the end of the world.. go to the most expensive places and buy stuff..!!


i mean common its new years night... you have to drink like never before.. if you haven't tried it yet try it..if you're already a social drinker then get sloshed..and if your a heavy regular drinker you wont be reading my blog at this time of the hour cause you'll already be sloshed somewhere.. so yeah you don't need my guidance really..!!


don't sulk around in the same party all night..go to different ones.. gate crash.. go to shadyplaces.. its a myth that its not safe out there on new years.. its the safest night of the year if you're with the right people..


don't for the heck of it and just to be a part of the group spend your new year with some douche bags..!! spend it with people you really care for.. people who really matter..!! and it'll be perfect.. no matter where you are..


its new years night.. and you have to kiss someone.. someone special.. someone you want in your life for the next coming year and if your one of those that i am not then maybe lot more than one year.. but however you think you need to kiss..!! go ahead and just do it.. don't bother.. don'tthink.. just go ahead and kiss that someone special.. and make your night magical..!!

p.s: happy New Year’s..!!

p.p.s: let the countdown begin..!!

p.p.p.s: I absolutely don’t believe in even a tiny bit of the fact about celebrating new year’s being half or worse completely rather stay at home... but i know 80% of the douche bags are going to actually for a change follow all the crap mentioned above..

*tuned into* galway girl -p.s i love you.!

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