Thursday, June 17, 2010

To New Beginnings!

when i first told my frnds that im goin to start writing my own blog the only reaction i got was "why?" (when i was expecting better reactions like "wow" or "oh..thats soo cool..!)

however dissapointing these reactions were they got me thinkin ... "what was the actual reason that i decided to do this.."

and after giving it a lot of thot i realized that- this is ME...!!

im doin it for make the most important person in my life happy- ME...!!

im doin it bcoz..this is the kind of thing "DIVYA MORE" would do...!

so from this moment onwards everytime i find something special,different or amazingly ordinary my blog will be the first to knw...

lots of love...

special thanks:
seema singh: love you..<3

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