Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 and a half weeks and i know-

I can wash clothes

I can forget to eat food

I say fuck more than a million times in a day

I love and I don’t give up when I love

There is something known as the "hostel" language

I miss travelling in the local trains of Bombay the most among all the numerous things I miss.

I can flirt

I love singing

I have a good enough aesthetic sense

History is still my favorite subject

My body clock does work and I can get up without anyone waking me on time (only I don’t get up -get up really)

I officially prefer guys to girls when it comes to hanging out

I can control myself from biting my nails.

I love painting my nails

I am the jealous types

I think guys look ultra cute in pink

I love bike rides

Hostel life is a bitch only when it comes to the in timings. Other than that life’s a real experience here

I don’t miss home so much (guilty)

Everyone is having Sex!

p.s i love living alone and i hate being answerable more than ever now. i miss so many things about Bombay but life's so much more awesome when you're all by yourself. you learn to be honest to yourself.

p.p.s: there is a minor initiative i have taken of wearing a fight against women abuse badge for the next one year at all time. i hope to make as many people ashamed of what they are doing as possible. it really feels so good even at such a small level.

1 comment:

  1. Firstly, i LIIIKE your about me!!
    Hahaha,that 3rd thing,me too :P
    1,2,4,8,11,12,15 .. Even I wake up in the morning on my one but in a full on zombie state :P
    I live in Mumbai :D And I'm starting college this year,so I'll start travelling in locals,all my myself sooon :D

    I really liked ur pps .. And yeah,it does feel very good whenever u do something at whichever level :)