Saturday, July 16, 2011

Soft Target , Are We?

I was not tensed, angry or even worried after I heard the news on 13th. I just felt tired, helpless, cheated and hopeless. I knew I should to get up, call my parents and find out if they are okay, find out if everyone was safe. But the helpless soul within me didn’t want to get up. I just wanted to sit there and pretend like it’s not happening.

After all the “reshuffling” , the “promises” and “political drama” thrown at us, I did not expect BLASTS!

How many of us felt helpless that night? How many of us thought that after 26/11 Mumbai is not going to face this again? How many of us walked around without being scared about any more terrorist attacks around the city after those promises? Well, I for sure did!

So when I decided to come to Bombay for the weekend and asked others if they wanted to join me everyone said that their parents are too scared and don’t want them to come back! I have been feeling sort of sad these days for obvious reasons but the feeling I got when I heard this was the saddest I have felt in a while.

I however did land here for the weekend and it smells still as awesome as it did two weeks back. Only that there is a huge amount of despair. Like the city is exhausted and extremely vulnerable. A city like Mumbai that has been fighting for years deserves a well deserved break. But is anyone listening to this cry of the city. Till when is this city going to suffer under political rigmarole and poor bureaucracy.

Also is it right to blame only the politicians for all this? Its so much more huge! Who can be possibly be blamed? In a country of millions , who is to be blamed?

There are questions, lots of them, but is there anyone to give an honest reply? Sensible solutions rather. I have no answers like millions of others who are merely faces. Its frustrating when i realize a powerful and important city like Mumbai is such a soft target for anyone who wishes to make a meaningless point!

But all I can do now is pray for those who have lost their family and friends. And pray again and hope again that this does not happen again.

P.s : MUMBAI you’re awesome!

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  1. Hey I loved the post!
    I live in Mumbai and yeah,a lot of parents are now not allowing their children to even apply to far off colleges coz they're scared. My friend wanted 2 visit Mumbai,parents said no :|
    Life has returned to normal but there's this whole helplessness and sadness .. It sucks :(
    P.s : MUMBAI you’re awesome! +2