Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 random things.......

Some random , some not-so-random things i wish i could have right right right now.

10. Black stockings, a hot clutch, boots of every color….and so much more here..:S

9. Driving lessons: I just realized I have totally forgotten how to drive! :S

8. A huge piano: I feel the music in me.

7. An Irish boy friend: Scottish and Italians are welcome as well :P

6. Lots of stationery: I feel like scribbling, stapling, punching, drawing, filing.

5. A vacation: alone or with just a few quiet friends who don’t wish to spend the holidays getting sloshed.

4. Lots and lots and lots of books: reading is the solution to all problems.

3. A pet: A white lion cub or a brown horse or at least a dog.

2. Coffee: Yeah I am no more a tea person. Or maybe I am just having a coffee phase.

1. A Samsung galaxy tab: it’s hot!

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