Saturday, April 23, 2011

Come Back!

Dear Normal Life! Can You Hear Me?!! If you’re Listening, Can I Please Have You back?! :(

I was trying to write something sensible but I miss my blog too much. So I decided ill post random updates and work on my 5 super cool articles side by side. Nandini you were right I am freaking fickle minded. But Life is just too boring without writing and I have tons of exams to give for me to get time to write something dramatic and serious. So yeah I am blogging again. Whining again. Just not forgetting the promise I made to myself about writing something serious and worth reading!

You’ll be seeing a lot of me complaining for some time now. I am perpetually in a mess these days. Got loads to do and have no clue where it is going to lead me. I have no patience to wait and watch. So yeah wailing helps!

Eeeeeeee... this feels good..!!

*tuned into* hold my hand - Michael Jackson

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