Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yes you are COOL! Yes you are a WanaaBe!

Calling your sister sis and brother bro.

Lol ‘ing at everything and anything.

Using the "cool" SMS language while taking notes.

Not knowing the difference between whom and who and writing a blog.

Wearing tight fitting clothes that go totally against your figure.

Straightening your hair in order to leave them open even in scorching heat.

Reading twilight, sex and the city and Eric Segal's love story and calling yourself a bibliophile.

Listening to English music for the sake of listening to English music and trying to sound cool just because you know the names akon and Enrique and “Justin bieber”.

Calling your girl friends biatch and guy friends dude.

Going to carters, bandstand, marine drive and juhu beach after bunking college.

Making a face when someone speaks about hold Hindi cinema or regional cinema without understanding even the basics of film making.

Clicking pictures looking into the mirror with your “BB” or china version of I phone.

Being a part of the BB gang and being proud about it as if you own RIM.

Having a boy friend because it’s such an “in” thing.

Wearing make up to college.

Playing the guitar because girls love guys who play an instrument.

Belly dancing because Oh-Katrina-did-it.

Uploading gothic pictures of people cutting their wrists and writing love with their blood as your display pictures post break up

Forwarding tacky messages about Love and relationships and talking as if you have had the worst break up in the history of human existence.

Abusing your ex’s just because things did not work out between you’ll after 5 years of being miserable.

Gossiping and spreading rumors about a third person because it makes you sound “well-informed”.

Clicking random pictures of the sky, trees and streets and posing as a photographer.

pretending to support a cause when you dont really have any clue about it.

Drinking and smoking and then trying to make it sound cool.

Life is about simple things. Everything you do for someone else takes away some part of you from you. Do things because it makes you feel awesome and not because when you do it you are considered awesome by people who themselves have major insecurity issues. All of us have times when we get into the league of wannabes but realizing it and doing what Actually brings a smile on your face is what makes you different. Every person has the ability to stand out if that person only follows their heart and stays natural.

It is absolutely normal to love old Hindi music and cliché films and wear cotton kurta’s. It is absolutely normal to wear shorts and skirts if you are wearing it with an intention of being comfortable. It absolutely normal to have a Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone with an idea card if it works for you. Just because you have the money to buy a DSLR or even a normal digital camera for that matter stop annoying people buy clicking pictures of random things and posting it on facebook.Supporting a cause is not about wearing "Being Human" t-shirts, its more. A lot lot more.

It’s okay if you’re single and happy than being committed and miserable. All of us go through heart breaks and it’s not a public issue. Respect the love you shared with someone and move on with dignity. Let it be a happy memory for you and the other person.

Drinking and smoking and going to prive every other week does not for the sake of god make you the coolest and most wanted person in this world. Social drinking and smoking if it is okay for you is fine but doing it to fit in just makes you like the other zillions of people out there living their life and yelling out loud “Yes we Are WanaaBes”


  1. Absolutely awesome! Clinical! A fitting reply to the 'wannabes' and all those who superficial and fake people who just are scared to be themselves. And I share each and every word that you've written. Great observation...

  2. a great one..! :) i totally agree..with emo..BB's..breakups..and all the other things..! great piece of work..!

  3. I don't think you fully understand the meaning of the word - 'Cool'

  4. siddhant: glad you liked it. :)

    apoorva: :D

    pratik: you would know better since you try too hard to get there! besides do you realise that there was a broader theme to the post? it was about doing things for the sake of doing them! only the picture suggested the cool aspect which was infact just a part of the post. but you wouldn't understand because i doubt you even read it.you must have just seen the picture and commented , right?