Sunday, August 14, 2011

Writer's Block- when my imaginary friends don't talk to me!

For the last Six Months apart from blogging, I have been working on various stories. After writing over 25 disjointed scenes and conceptualizing around 4 stories I am suffering since the past one and a half month from something known as the "Writer's Block".

My stories are incomplete, my blog is inactive and I am almost suicidal.I absolutely blame this on my new "extraordinary" lifestyle of course.Give me my ideas back dammit!

P.s: I can’t believe I could write even this much! I shall probably treat myself to an ice cream. *temporarily cheerful*

P.p.s: my blog is so colorful!


  1. I am sure the creativity is going no where! :)
    smile..and do eat the ice cream divzu! :* :)

  2. Post post POST those stories?!!

    I like the new bg!
    So colourful!