Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late Night Heroes!

When the nights are darker than usual and lonier that ever, there are some people who stay awake just for you. You have the most random discussions; share the most intimate moments and the cutest confessions at this hour. The night brings out the best in people.

This post is for all my late night heroes!

Dushyanth- first love!

Of course you’re my first late night buddy. Remember we waited for you to be in Bombay so we could activate the night calling scheme to talk all night? It was our favorite music in the background and long discussions that made nights the most awesome time for me!


You are the reason I am an owl. The habit of staying awake and talking till dawn started because of you and continued and will continue forever I guess.You are awesome at keeping me entertained and you’re possibly one of the few people I never ever get bored with.


I can have the most random serious discussions with you. Sex, relationships, society, social issues, guys! All of that can happen only with you.


You stay awake for me when no one else does. Absolutely boring me to death and educating me about the different late night munchies but being there in my most lonely times telling me it will be good. You make me comfortable like no one else can.

Pratik-fucked up! (in the not-so-bad-way)

We have never had many late night “discussions” (until recently of course), they are more of fights. But it’s the end that makes those times special. The end where everything is okay. Where you stay by my side. Where you tell me its okay.

Priyanka- partner!

If I am depressed in the night and I have no one there, I have not spoken to you in ages, I will still call you because well, you’re my fellow owl. Probably the only one awake that late in the night. And I know you will listen, not only because you don’t have a choice but also because you are always there when I need you.

Harsh-unquestionable love! ( from his side , because he is awesome! )

I know I am more of the ditcher with you. But this is my post. So no bad things about me. The point is I know you will be there. And you are there. And I love you. And I am going to marry you someday because you are awesome! (Embarrassed?)

Ritu- comfort!

You’re my roommate so you have no option but to sit and here. Its so adorable when I am upset and you look at me and you know and you come sit on my bed in the most annoying way and ask me “kya hua? “ and the first thing I do (the most predictable one) I start crying and you hug me and we sit talking there for hours. Ahhh… what would I do if I didn’t have you?


Maaannn you’re just there. You’re awesome. You don’t judge me. You tell me I am being a bitch when I am being a bitch and tell me I am right when I am right. You’re probably the most honest friend and one of the most important people to me.


The amount I have spoken to you at night is like I never ever have. The things, the smiles, the moments, the feelings we have shared together are THE most memorable and special one’s ever!

And etc. etc.

There have been so many who have come and gone. Nights have brought some of the most memorable memories with them for me.

Writing this makes me realize how many of you’ll I have right now.* Touch wood *. And how I would never want to lose any one of you’ll. Just be as awesome as now. Tolerate me like you always have. And this love will continue. Always!

p.s: the names are not in line of preference but are arranged in a way my heart travels! (philosophical eh? )

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    This is so sweet..
    Makes you realise how lucky you are?!