Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And the Moral of the Story Is…..

After so many years of believing that Women are the ones who always compromise , Band Baja Baraat changed my belief.(oh yes I watched the film for the first time today after more than a year of its release)

Now i know that 99% of the people did believe that this film is a Rom-Com and that he loved her and thus didn’t let her go and get married to someone else and she loved him back and thus chose him over the other “corrrrrect” guy. But that’s considering that 99% of our public our emotional fools.

No, seriously the entire second part of the film screams out and tells us that this is more of a “How-To-Save-A-Failing-Business” film rather than a romantic comedy. And the end is about how and why men are better at business than women (who are so fucking stupid and emotional) but of course people don’t understand that.

So now you know the real purpose of the film.

Note: I am pretty jobless. and this is the outcome of being jobless. But in my defense at least i am writing..

P.s: I Love the film. I love the colors. I love the songs. I love the larger theme and the “Moral” of the story too.

P.p.s: Ranvir Singh is so fucking hot and imperfect (oh I have a thing for imperfect guys)! *eyelashes*

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