Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yeah so my title is pretty basic this time. I didn't for the first time even for a single moment while writing this post have a thought in my mind that i have to be awesome. Or i have to make sense. Or i have to sound brilliant. The reason being that this post is about my 3 days at Asia Plateau , Panchagani.

So this happened way back in september. My college which i regard both awesome and annoying at the very same moment has a tradition. Every year the first year batch goes to asia plateau in the very first semester to spend 4 days of detoxication. Where from nicotine to mobile phone , from late nights to non veg and pratically everything a “SIMCian” considers essential is prohibitted.

Asia plateu is a training and conference centre that runs character development sessions throughout the year and like many other various organisations conducts pretty much the same drill inorder to help you find your inner peace. So no it was not the training or the sessions that made this trip so special. Now i wont say that the programme was absolutely futile and made no sense to me. It taught me to believe my belief and stick to that belief that every person has a past and the experiences from that very past make him/ her what they are. In personal group sessions people discussed their issues and experiences that made almost each and everyone present there cry. So the programme definitely created some impact on each one’s life.

However coming to the real reason for this trip to be so important and meaningful for me was the Time and Ambience that it provided me.Since the last 3 years i have been living a hectic and monotonous life. I had little time to sing, to smile, to look at the stars and smell the air. This was the perfect opportunity to do all of that. I sang , i walked , i looked everywhere, i saw the stars , i smelt the air and in what seems years i spent the longest hour of my life with myself alone surrounded by wind and trees and flowers. Despite having over 250 people around me i spent the quietest time in years.

On my return i still had issues to deal with and people to answer, i still had no time to rest and lots of things to do , i did not do everything or maybe nothing that i planned when i was there. But the experience lives within me now and forever. The smell of the air and the clear stary night still makes me feel at peace whenever i think about it. And for that i am grateful.

P.S: The experience was an essential part of my life and had to find a place on my blog. The trip was followed by the best two months of my life.

P.P.S : that is the cutest snap from Panchangi. I was as usual extremely sick during my four days there. Thus the horrible hair and the face and the general me. However like always i make pratik look adorable.

*tuned into* like a rolling stone - Bob dylan.


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