Friday, January 13, 2012

And the world was hers for the reading...!

Hey all,

Evidently I am pretty chirpy today (refer to “hey all”) as oppose to the last few fretful days. I am yet again late for college and surprisingly not because of the customary “I need sleep” excuse. I have just been reading since 9 30 when I was ideally supposed to be running towards a rickshaw to reach college.

If you were to ever ask me what’s the easiest way to make me like you or make me happy? I would say Talk to me about how awesome reading is, or mention a book I love, or quote from some really great book, or buy me a book I haven’t read and I will be all over you for sometime. Yes I am that easy. Books make me fall in love. 
Give me a couch and a good book and you wont have me talking to you for hours. Gift me a "good" book and I am going to praise your taste for the rest of my life even if you really do have a bad taste about things generally and you just randomly liked the cover of the book when you bought it for me (I have done this before).
Because Fundamentally I am quite a bibliophile and despise how I got little time to read in my first semester. However my stay at Mumbai gave me enough time to go back to reading. And now I can’t sleep without reading again.

I can download any book I want in a matter of minutes on my phone, but for me nothing can substitute the happiness, the smell of a new book or the feel of an old book can give. Hence despite having a really expensive phone on which I can read, I spent the entire morning making a list of books (which exceeds the mark of 50) I want to read in the next semester and ordered my first 3 books from flipcart.

Soooo joyous is the wait for the books to arrive that I hardly remember why I sulked all these days. I was so engrossed I didn't realize i had eleven miscalls. I am so ardent I can hardly feel the cold. Ahhhh, I love how dreamy I feel right now.
So though people say that life is the thing, i prefer reading.

To more reading and happier days ahead.

*Tuned into* walk of life - dire straits

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