Friday, March 4, 2011

little things.. :)

I believe in running up the success ladder in pencil skirts and floral tops with an iPhone in my perfectly thin hands. Style AND Substance. Why compromise?

I Love cold milk with chocolate in the mornings, a cup of tea in the evening and the smell of rain, anytime of the day.

Movies comfort me. and music gets me going.

New’s.a well set cupboard. mens wear.Scented candles. A fluffy cotton comforter all year round.

I'm NOT a social animal. I personally think I am agoraphobic bipolar sensitive desperate weirdo with lots of ambitions(I don’t know how that goes along, but I do pretty well).

And I have so much passion, i assure you, you'll be floored.

I can do my own things but I prefer some help from others since I am too lazy.

I just need a little push and help I can do anything and literally anything.

I LOVE surprises. I love flowers especially white ones. They do wonders while impressing me.

I like little gestures of love.

Over time i have learnt romance is about sacrificing and giving a whole lot of you for the relationship. Since I cannot do that I prefer and enjoy my single hood.

I am an open minded , blunt , egoistic bitch and I don’t mind being one.

I love a very few things and people in my life and I am highly possessive about them even though I doubt anyone realizes that.

And I love discovering myself and writing it here so that i read this in a few years and smile.

*tuned into* open skies - parikrama

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