Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Life.. And To Dreams!!

You know how after a tiring day you hit your bed and you cant wait to sleep and you start thinking about all those various things you miss about your lazy days and you sleep off before you know.

That’s what happens with me these days when after a super eventful day at college and then "work" I get to lie down on my bed and before I know I am in my REM sleep and I am drifting away into dreams. It’s a montage of different events that have happened. That I know could have happened. That should happen. And it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. I see the various countries I want to live in. I see the different guys I have liked. I see the few most important people in my life.i see SO much good that I am no more scared of getting up and seeing it’s no more there. Because I am SO sure it will be all there when I go back to bed the next night. It’s funny how dreams make a negative person like me so optimistic.

Dreaming gives you a reason to live. Dreams are beautiful and make you want to want something real from life. And make me feel OH-SO-SO-SO-Awesome! They give me reasons to change, to initiate, and to feel good.

I have a decent work life. Decent college life. Decent amount of people around me. I am single and in love with more than one thing. I dream about beautiful things and people.

And it’s precisely that part of my 24hrs when I am dreaming that are making my day! My life is still not all ticks on my checklist of a "perfect life" but then today I feel satisfied and I know I will get more eventually.

*tuned into* waiting on the world to change - john mayer.

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