Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This post has no real meaning. i am writing it because i am basically super bored.But its also legendary in a way. Its my first and mostly last post from college(ummmm.. current college) .. there are some shitty presentations happening. i am done with mine in which i had really annoying amount of contribution.(why am i doing bba,remind me again?)

I for a change in days feel jobless and I am loving it..its also special for me in a way because i am sitting next to a person who totally hates reading and writing and is waiting when i get done with this crappy post so he can scribble on paint or log on to facebook and stalk people..i love him..:D

also i am planning this superb evening that i am going to spend all by myself once i am home today. ahhh.. how i wish my parents were out of the house for days like that more often..!

omg! i love this moment..!!

more crap later...!

*tuned into* no promises.

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