Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To 30 years of friendship!

My parents complete 22 years of marriage today(and almost 30 years of knowing each other). As I get out of my bed and look at my dad working on his computer and Mum rather unusually still in bed at this hour, I walk to my balcony with my book and begin to read. When a thought crosses my mind. More like images. I begin to remember their relationship from what I remember. My dad’s erratic mood swings, my mum’s constant nagging. My dad’s insouciant attitude, my mum’s irresolute behavior. My dad’s inexpressive face, my mum’s loving eyes. And I can’t keep reading anymore. I look out and wonder what made them fall in love and stay in love for over 30 years. My parents have a rather cute story. A story that has so much to tell. A story that is so filmy you wont believe it even happened in real.

I am amazed at how much they have gone through to be with each other. I am in awe of them right now even though there have been moments when I couldn’t stop cribbing about how horribly different they are.

So to my parents and their FRIENDSHIP!

Happy Anniversary Ma and Pa!

Love and more love!

p.s with respect to the picture , didn't i mention my parents have a story you wont believe..:)

*tuned into* A Thousand Years.


  1. Thats so adorable dude!! <3 :")
    wish them on my behalf!

  2. Awwwww =)
    Someday, do tell us that story, yeah?
    Congratulations to them!