Monday, December 26, 2011

Because It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air!!

They say if Christmas is not found in our heart it won’t be found under a tree. The reason for Christmas being my most favorite holiday is that every year something not less than legendary happens exactly around the same time. There is often a lot of anticipation around this time as I wait for the Christmas magic. But this year Christmas was more than just anticipating for magic. It was about living it with those who are the reason for the belief in magic.
I spent Christmas Eve with my girls this year. A crazy night dancing on the most random songs and laughing at everything and anything the other one said. Followed by a streaking (lets not get into the details) morning! Now the thing about these girls is that they are my school friends. They have seen me grow up and be weird all throughout my adolescent. I have gone through some really "what the fuck" phases and have acted completely embarrassing. They have left me at a lot of places but just to come back, hug me and tell me that they are there. These are those people with whom my laughter has made friends with. It just comes with their presence.
No inhibitions, no pretence and no correctness is required around these crazy Girls. Even though each and every one of us is so different from the rest, life seems so much simpler around them.

To my oldest friends...
Love and much love for making this Christmas a happy one!
For the message of Christmas is that you're never alone- Taylor Caldwell.

p.s I won’t dance - Frank Sinatra.


  1. I believe you had a wonderful Christmas with the girls.Merry Christmas.. Hope Santa got goodies for you!. Bye! xoxo

  2. Hey,
    Yeah yeah i did..:)
    hope you had a good one too..