Friday, December 30, 2011

And the day has just begun! (part 2)

It’s the last day of the year (yet again) and I sit sipping my cup of morning tea. I have had a month and a half to introspect and think, so I currently sit clear in the head and kind of sure about what I want to do hence. I have no clue what i am going to be doing tonight or for that matter in an hour but spontaneous is fun i have learnt!
I return back to Pune in 2 days and won’t be seeing the face of Bombay for another 4 months or more. Now I am highly jubilant about going back to my routine life but somewhere I feel slight despair in my heart. I shall miss a lot about Bombay.

I have had a legendary year as I have mentioned over and over again. And I look forward to yet another fresh year and the opportunity to marvel at life all over again.

So to whoever is listening, Happy New Year!
Use it well. And Live it with all your heart.

*tuned into* Sitting on the dock bay

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