Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Winter Romance!

Winter romances begin for all kinds of reasons, but when all is said and done , they have one thing in common. They’re shooting stars, a spectacular moment of light in the heavens , fleeting glimpse of eternity and in a flash they’re gone.

They had been walking for over 20 minutes now. She kept looking at him. They hadn’t gone through the usual drill. He was such an impatient thing. He couldn’t walk ten minutes without knowing where they were heading to. But today he didn’t seem to be bothered. She thought that was weird. Usually his mind worked on two different levels simultaneously. He kept juggling between the two. Suddenly when she talked to him, she had known he had been somewhere on the other level. But tonight as they walked through the dark avenue road, she felt his presence unlike never before. He was there. Right there with her.
The road ahead was dark, long and infinite from where she looked. The noise around them was tuned to suit the mood, or was she imagining it? She looked around. She realized, their journey had started right there, it had been 6 days since they had first walked together along the very same road. She smiled to herself and turned to look at him as he continued speaking about how awesome it was to have a dog; something he knew made her extremely envious.
They knew more about each other now than they had imagined they would when their eyes met for the first time. They had walked along the beach, they had laughed together, they had shared some really awful food, they had lied down next to each other with her favorite music playing in the background, and they had looked into each other’s eyes. Yes they had done it all, in no time.
She wanted to walk slowly. She wanted this moment to last. Especially because she knew how distant the possibility of him being this near was.
No she was not in love. She was just fascinated by him and enjoyed how much he was smitten by her. It was an entirely different feeling. They were both apprehensive about love at the moment. They had been through it and it hurt. A lot.
Nevertheless when she was with him, she wasn’t afraid of falling in love; she knew she could take that chance and trust herself for once to not mess it up. To believe that this week long courtship was all that this was going to be. Just a sweet memory.  
She knew this was more than mere infatuation. This was two individuals connecting on a level above all that, discovering each other in a way they never had before. She wanted to keep it that way. Tonight was the last night she was going to be with him. He would leave the next morning only to find her gone when he came back.
They walked some more. Talked some more. And as time passed by she started to become more and more curious. Finally she couldn’t help but ask him, “We’ve been walking for over 20 minutes, don’t you want to know where we are going”… he didn’t reply, she waited for him to say something. Now that was a first, what happened to the guy who was jabbering away endlessly 10 seconds back? He looked down and then straight and after what seemed like a long time, without looking at her said, “That’s because I don’t want you to go”...
What followed was interminable blushing, smiling and eyes meeting. She held his hand as he couldn't stop blushing and pulled him close to give him a quick peck on his cheeks.

It was an open end of something beautiful. Something they both were never going to forget. Something that had just began.

It was time to say goodbye until they were ready to make this "Winter Romance" anything more than what it was. Until they shared a moment in the Mumbai Rain!

*tuned into* Matt Nathanson- Run

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