Sunday, February 12, 2012

And then after all that while....!!

I want to fly, fly until I touch the sky.
Fly to countries across the oceans, soar over pastures and lands.
I want to bear the scorching desert heat and wing my way through the clouds.
I want to touch the flowing waters and then stand on the cold mountain atop.

I wish I procure the answers to the questions of life.
And know where happiness truly lies.
On my quest this arduous I wish I could fly.
And soar up high so that every difficulty seems all right.

For now wherever I look I see a mound of unanswered questions.
Ah! Only if I find my light.
If could glide and maneuver and do all the above
I might find one answer to answer it all.

Then years from now when I have lived this dream
I pray I can come back to you my cherished.
Share my stories I have gathered through time.
And hear you talk about the adventures of your life.

Then like others we shall find our “normal” bay.
And maybe then you will not complain.
But until then sweet love of mine,
Will you promise to love me all that while?

Will you come back perfectly dressed in white?
And kiss me with those lips so kind.
Baby you complete me like no one else can.
And when you’re back from the journey that wild
Let me be the one who calms your mind.
I shall wait for the day when you walk down the aisle
And ask me to be yours for the rest of your life.

P.S i am not sure if i can call this a poetry . but yeah its definitely something new i have tried.

*Tuned into*  Can you feel the Love Tonight 


  1. wow.. there is nothing better than the feeling of being loved.. :)

    Take care

    P.S: yes u can call this a poem indeed :)