Thursday, February 9, 2012

An open Letter to a typical Ex !!

Dear Typical EX,

You stood there with a straight face. Like I deserved it. I begged and pleaded. I said, we could make it work. You said nothing. I tried; I tried really hard to understand your inarticulateness. I had never been on this side. You confused me. You thought you knew what you are doing. You disregarded my plea and asked me to leave.

I had so much to tell you, but you ignored it all. I asked you for time. You said I couldn’t do anything and walked away. I sat there thinking what I could do to get you back. I contrived and improvised. I needed you back. I thought for months.
Then one day I wore a pretty dress, I said the nicest things, I behaved my best, and you ignored. I crossed your path over and over again. But you ignored still. Ignored until I felt drained. I came back exhausted. Sat down wondering what had I done wrong. I had been honest. I gave you myriad openings and opportunities to grab. I had been sensitive and understanding. I had been forgiving and compassionate. I listened and advised. I had loved you with all my heart. Then what had it been?

And just when I thought I am going to cry like always, my heart said a firm No!
I knew for sure after innumerous months of trying and weeping that you weren’t worth it.what did I ever even like about you? You were just a simple little guy in love with the absolutely crazy me. Had I not known we don’t connect? Of course I had but there you sat with those puppy eyes luring me towards you. How did I forget that it was you who started it first? Why again was I so desperate to get you back? I wouldn’t have even noticed you exist had you not made it a point to strike a conversation with me at the drop of a hat.
I was now ready to let you go now. Just like that.

Yes I know you’re coming back now. You cant live without me and you love me. But yeah Bugger Off man. This cant go on forever. I am no option. I didn’t “NEED” you, I really really loved you. But now it’s too late and now there are going to be no discussions and no fights over whose fault it was. I am not going be standing where I did until recently. I have crossed the fence and moved away. It’s over. And you have to deal with it!

I can write so much now. Tell you how much you make me think and ponder. How much you need to change about yourself. But yeah I am going to stop. Because once upon a time you were the hero of my story.

Once yours,
No more yours!

P.s This was something I had written a long time back. When you think you are “in love” you assume you cant live without that person and you try everything to get him/her back. You blame yourself for mistakes you never even committed.But there always comes a point when everyone moves on.  It hurts. You feel cheated and it’s natural to dislike them for a bit.But you move on in true sense when you forgive them and never look back.
Since I can never really Hate-Hate them, Writing bitter things helps me move on. *winks*

P.p.s This my first piece from someone else's point of view. i wrote this after listening to someone speaking about her EX. 

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