Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Too Shall Pass !!

Life is a bitch. It slaps you hard and harder each time. When you think you’ve got charge, life gives you something new to deal with. People come and go and don’t turn around to look that you can barely stand when they’ve left. They use you like a thing, deal with you according to their convenience and go away when they need “their” time. 
Love fades. Priorities change. Plans never work out. Things seem difficult more often than not. You have to constantly fight for what you want. It’s never painless.  Insignificant is what you’re generally called. Nowhere is where you belong. Happiness comes and goes. But the sorrow is what is constant.

When things in life change ,you hear depressing music. You Do nothing but Sulk. On some days you eat far more than your stomach deserves, and on other days you don’t eat at all. You do all sorts of stupid things and regret everything you've done in the past. You over think. You almost give up. You tend to be a little too hard on yourself for sometime. You do it all but- MOVE ON!

Think. How would it be to live a formulated life? A thriller never seems enthralling the second time, does it? Purpose gives you hope and purpose comes when you have something to fight for. When your existence has a meaning you stop feeling insignificant. Like Steve Jobs said you can never look ahead and join the dots but when you turn around to take a look and wonder why he left, You realize that was just because it was time for you to find something else to Love.

It hurts but Life keeps changing and nothing remains constant. And the only thing you’ve go to do is dust your skirt, tell you’re self this too shall pass and Move On…even when it “seems” impossible!

P.S  Yeah I am preachy like that! 

*Tuned into* How to Save Life  - Fray

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