Friday, February 24, 2012

Where Art thou?

Steve Jobs said in his Stanford speech that you have to trust in something; your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Motivational? Sure.
But then what if life comes to a point where you have no idea what you believe and can believe in? What If everything you ever did and everything you ever planned to do stands in court of judgement by you and everyone around you?
What if your life suddenly becomes an example that people give when they want to talk about failures and misjudgements?
What if that one person you thought would stay, leaves you at the crossroad from where the road is too dark to walk alone? And What if life gives you no help in figuring out the way you ought to walk on?
What if all the answers become open ended questions. What if every issue you ever fought against becomes the reality of your life. What if solutions are bigger than the problems? What if then you’re too weak to stand up for anyone you truly love because you don’t think you can help yourself out to begin with?
What if this happens more than once in your life? Where do you look, what do you hear, who do you ask?

Where art thou guarding angel? Come back! Come back and get the answers. Come back with the solution. You can be anyone? You can be anything? If you are have the answers, if you help me find a way, if you show me the light, you then are my guarding angel.

So where art thou?

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