Monday, January 17, 2011

For the many wonderful yes’s!

Happy? No! Want something? No! Pizza? No! Beer? No, I don't drink on weekdays! Hungry at all? No! I think you’re good! No! I think you should work harder! Whatever, no! I think you’re pretty! No, I’m short, my hair isn’t proper , blah blah...basically No! You’re ugly! No! Want to sit? No! Want to walk? No, I’m tired! Want to learn? No i have learnt enough. Want to travel? No, I'll sit at home and watch T.V! Want to have ice cream in the rains? No it’s raining! Want to be friends? No , i already have enough friends , lets sleep together! Want to fall in love? Yes and live with the same person for the rest of my life.ummm yeah thats as good as a No! Want to try something new? No, my mum’s waiting for me at home! Want to breathe? No! Yeah go die!!!

I think , the word No is a word associated with pretence, ego , fear to try something new, fear to lose and all those bad things you learn about in kindergarten and experience once you start dating in high school. Or if you are “cooler” then primary! When you say no you deny. And denial is when you know you’re wrong but you’d rather lie and say you’re not.

So think before you say no. Someone out there might just get turned of.ummm or maybe won’t. I mean I doubt anyone can think like me. But still common guys! When are you going to do those things if not today that are very no-full? You can do it today. Or regret that you dint do it today after a few years. And only someone really stupid will want the later.

However Stand by what you believe in and don’t bend in front of anything. Dont do something You're heart doesn't want you to.Say no when and where you should. But let go otherwise. ;)

*tuned into* Faithfully - journey

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