Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cause When words fail, Music speaks!! ♥

Good morning everybody... though now I’m not sure who the everybody is... I mean does anyone even read my blog??

Nevertheless good morning... I’ve had a good night’s sleep and I feel fresh and excited about the rest of the day...

I have my exams coming up and I’m as usual not done with anything...but I’m here blogging... It’s my stress buster to write...

So I’m not going to state any startling fact today … but a simple and universal one - music makes me happy...

It is one thing that I can go on with for hours...It’s by far the only thing I can spend the rest of my life with...

Though I have no medium to hear music most of the times... the “More” clan and electronics don’t go along...

and I specially and royally man handle most of my electronics…

My phone is with the service centre most the time... my shuffle is impatient and I just cannot upload songs... and my laptop speakers are perfectly screwed..! (Pardon my language)

How I wish I could have a dark room to myself with a 24 inches desktop with all my favorite songs and I could spend hours and days and months just listening to music..!!


Anyway here’s a list of current top 25 songs on my playlist..!!

25.Ab kuch dino se-Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji

24. Tujhe bhula diya – Anjaana Anjaani

23.Dont stop believing - Journey

22.Soul sister- Train

21.sultans of swing- Dire Straits

20.Romeo and Juliet - Dire straits

19. Fire- Glee version

18. Sway-American pie version

17. Blue eyes-Mika

16. All you need is love-The Beatles

15. True colors – Cyndi lauper

14. Marry you- Bruno Mars

13. Faithfully- Journey

12. Runaway - The Corrs

11. Tears in heaven- Eric Clapton

10. I want to hold your hand – The Beatles

9. Firework – Katy Perry

8. Galway girl – P.s I love you

7.Blowing in the wind- Bob Dylan

6. Iktara – wake up Sid

5. love you till the end-p.s i love you

4. Stand by me- John Lennon

3. Imagine-John Lennon

2. Fix you – Coldplay

1. Lag Ja gale- Who Kaun Thi

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