Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have a psychology exam is 3 hours from now. And I have been trying to study for it from quite some time now. And by that I mean QUITE! I love the subject. The content. I love to observe people and understand the way different people look at different things differently. At the start of this trimester having this subject was the only thing I was looking forward to after a catastrophic first trimester. I have learnt a lot during the course of the lectures.

But what I realize now is that the easier it is to understand this subject it’s equally difficult to study it. And can you imagine I was actually considering doing a B.A in it. Sometimes you think that something is right for you until you actually do it. And then you realize how stupid it was to think its right for you. Though I feel the same about B.B.A I’m just going to let the feeling pass.Somethings that are not good for you now and good for you later, or maybe not. But yeah more on that later.

So this post is for another retest KT in the line..!!

I’ll be doing you twice, feel special psychology??

*tuned into* tougher than the rest - bruce springsteen

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