Friday, January 14, 2011

He’s crazy like literally,stubborn,confused,thoughtful,overly particular,unnecessarily clean,smart,ambitious,observant,Unsettled...!!!

Yeah He’s me….!!

so, He is not my boy friend but I can still say he’s mine.

He is not my best friend but he’s still my favorite…

He’s not emotional but I know he cares...

He’s not my advisor but he gives me the best suggestions (in the most offending ways)...

He may not make me feel awesome all the time,but he makes things so much more simpler for me...

He doesn’t give me his shoulder to cry every time I’m sad but he is one of those who can make me smile without any reason.

He’s is what I call him- my personal Google.

I have learnt so much from him in so less time.About everything.

He has taught me all that I’m sure I wouldn’t have learnt so easily.

He taught me to accept (to a certain extent for now)

So yeah Except for the absolute cold blooded jack ass that he is He is perfect and I love him.He gave me my perfect start for the year and will always love him even more for that.This is not one of those relationships I can bet would last a life time.but then this one of those relationships id look back at throughout my life thinking about how awesome it was..!!

P.s: i cant think about a perfect title so im just going to leave it for now..!! i know ill find something perfect eventually! :)

p.p.s: :*

*tuned into* love you till the end – p.s I love you...

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